5k Fear

ImageI have a race this Saturday!  It’s a 5k.  I haven’t run a competitive 5k in over a year.  It was the race pictured here, and it was May of 2012.  I have been running longer distance races since then, so I need your advice.  How do I now all of the sudden, find “fast” again?  It’s been a long time since I ran sub 7 minute pace.  I just finished a sub 8 5k training run, and that felt difficult.  

Any advice for this born again 5k virgin?


5 thoughts on “5k Fear

  1. I was just reading in Jeff Galloway’s book about the differences between fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles. You’re inclined to be one or the other. Me? I’m slow-twitch meaning I’m good for distances but not so much for speed. Where do you fall along the continuum?

    If you’ve done speed work and tempo runs you should be okay. Are you aiming for a particular time?

    • I think am more slow-twitch. At least I enjoy the longer, drawn out runs more. Back in 2011, I had several races at sub 7 pace. Some 5k’s, and 8k, and even came close on a 10k. That was then, this is now. Since 2011, I have mainly focused on endurance running, and have left behind pace training. I really don’t have a time goal this Saturday. I just want to have a good race with my 17 year old, who will probably blow by me right at the start and give me someone to focus on catching.

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