National Running Day

ImageToday is a day to celebrate!  To celebrate our own achievements, and the achievements of others.  It all has to start somewhere though, so I challenge all runners to inspire others in their search for fitness and health.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been stopped or given thumbs up from others, thanking me for inspiring them to get off the couch and walk or run.  I have run in my hilly neighborhood too many times to count, and obviously the neighbors notice.  Our actions, just through getting out on the pavement, do affect others.  We can inspire without even knowing it.  A quiet way, just our foot strikes, often times inspire others to lace up their shoes.  I love knowing that we, as a community of fitness freaks, can sometimes unknowingly, have an amazing impact on someone else’s life.  So, today, celebrate yourself with a run, and inspire others to join our awesome community.  We have a great opportunity not only today, but everyday to change the world, one run at a time.


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