Marathon training begins…. Again

ImageOk, so my vacation in Las Vegas is over.  I enjoyed 5 days of rest from running, all the while enjoying just about everything Vegas.  Little rest, gambling, sight-seeing, people watching, and of course, eating.  I enjoyed a few too many delicious buffets, putting me almost four pounds heavier upon my return home.  Now my focus turns from rest and relaxation to marathon training again.

This trip I didn’t run at all, and that is unusual.  I promptly laced up my running shoes and ran four miles last night to shake out the cobwebs.  Back at it.  I have too many important and fun races in the Fall to not be prepared.  It’s been a little over two months now since my last marathon in Virginia (Blue Ridge Marathon), and I have kept up a decent base.  I do, however, have to start throwing in some speed work, and the weekly long run to gain back the endurance piece.  Summer is definitely here in central North Carolina, so long runs are challenging at this time of year.  I have to focus more so than during winter marathon training.  I have 92 days left until the Asheville City Marathon and I want to be prepared to go sub 3:45:00.  My weekly mileage will start to increase, and I have thrown in a few Summer races to mix up the hot monotony of training and give me some added speed challenges.  I am happy to be training again with purpose, purpose that is the 26.2.

Are you training for a Fall Marathon or two?  I am planning two, possibly three, and am already excited to put in the work to get me there.  Happy training to you!


4 thoughts on “Marathon training begins…. Again

  1. Your trip sounds like a blast, and if all you gained was 4 pounds I would say it was a success!! I’m sure it’s just water weight and will come right off after a few more runs!! Best of luck with your training!

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