July 4th Firecracker 5000


The boys and I made the five hour road trip Hilton Head this evening.  This, after getting up at 5am, and working all day.  We had to contend with mucho holiday traffic on Interstate 95, and storm after rainstorm, but we made it!

Tomorrow at 8am we are all running the Hilton Head Firecracker 5000.  This will be our first time running this event, and we are including my Mother, too.  This will be her first race, and the young age of 71.  I am so excited for her, and will be cheering her on loudly at the finish, she has done for me at numerous races.

My youngest son Colton has run I think 7 5k’s over the past two years.  His first race was at the age of 12, and he is now 15.  He has a goal of sub 25 minutes.

My oldest son Dylan is 17.  He has raced 10 races over the past few years.  Mostly 5k’s, but has also done a 10k.  Dylan and I raced last month, his time was 22:30, and he is hoping to beat that, although he admits to not training as much for this race.

My most recent 5k last month was 22:18.  I am hoping to break 22 minutes tomorrow.  My last training run was rained out, so I feel like a good stretch tomorrow morning is in order.

Mom is gunning for sub 45 minutes.  We have our game plan ready for the morning, and hope that the alarm goes off as scheduled.

Mostly though, this mini road trip is about family.  Having a few days to relax and enjoy one another is what life is all about.  We do plan on eating ribs and corn, and watching fireworks over the ocean.  We also plan on a little tennis, swimming, and a round of golf on Friday before we head back home.  Here’s to family, and here’s to celebrating our Independence!Image

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