Marathon training in New York


In less than a month, I have a long overdue trip to Upstate New York planned.  Yes, I am heading back to the town where I grew up.  Binghamton, NY, I really haven’t missed it at all, but haven’t been there in almost 6 years.  It is time!  My Father still lives there, so it will be a great family visit.

i have been in the planning stages for this trip for quite some time.  I think I have finally decided to fly.  Normally, this would not be an option, but a colleague at work offered up some buddy passes so that it would be more affordable my my sons and I to fly instead of make the 9 hour road trip.  This means flying standby, so I have my reservations, but we are going to do it.  It may take us all day to get there, but I will try to stay optimistic.

Trying to plan what to do while there…… Big ideas, little time.  We will only be there for three full days.  The kids and I are already planning on running a race in Deruyter, NY, called the Tromptown Races.  I am running the Half Marathon, and the boys are both running the 5k.  Should be nice and hot at the race start of 6pm.  There is a Fireman’s Fair at the finish, and hope to meet up with my best friend from college and his wife and kids.  I have yet to meet the kids, but haven’t seen my friends in 12 years.  Wow!  My last road race in NY was the Kelly LeBarre 5k in Binghamton, back in 2004!  I ran it with my brother that year, and also in 2003.  The race in 2003 was my first official 5k race, so it will be nice to be running in NY again, 10 years later!

My Dad is a big golfer, so we will surely hit the golf course for a round of golf while there.  I played golf a lot growing up, and managed to be a pretty good player, but I am so rusty now, only playing my first round of golf in 14 years last week.  Let’s just say I won’t be shooting par golf.

I am also hoping to take the boys and Dad to Ithaca for an afternoon.  My brother may drive up from New Jersey one day to join us.

For sure, we will be eating Spiedies, a local area specialty, and be visiting Friendly’s for a Reese’s Pieces Sundae while on our trip.  I am getting ready excited to see the area again, as I really do miss the foothills.  I took them for granted when I lived there, but plan on enjoying the scenery.  I hope that Mother Nature cooperates, and gives us some decent weather while we are there.  Binghamton is one of the cloudiest cities in the country, pretty dreary, based on the Farmers Almanac.  Living there 18 years, I can still remember how much a sunny day was appreciated.

Have you ever heard of a Spiedie?  Any idea how delicious one is?

Pure deliciousness

Pure deliciousness


7 thoughts on “Marathon training in New York

  1. Small world, you commented on my post so I thought I would check out your blog. My parents both went to Union Endicott high school. Spiedies are delicious! I do have you challenge your geography though…in my book Binghamton does not qualify as “upstate”. I live in NY, about 4 1/2 hours north of Binghamton 😉

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