Marathon # 6


My 6th marathon, and third marathon of this year is quickly approaching.  September 28th seems so far off considering it is officially a Fall season race, because the heat of the Summer still feels like it will be relentless.  Alas, the marathon is only 67 days away.  Just about 9 weeks left to prepare.  Yikes, I better get moving, huh?

I took a few weeks to sort of rest my legs a bit, and get ready for the constant pounding of almost daily runs, in preparation for the race.  That was a couple of weeks ago.  My mileage was 28, with a long run of 8 miles this past week.  The week before that was 26 miles.  As I plan out the next several weeks of training, it is important that I listen to my body.  I always like to do long run every other week, and increase the mileage of that run by two miles at a pop.  This week I will be running and 11 miler, and then really kick off longer distance training with a Half Marathon I have planned for the second week of August.


This race in NY will be fun.  I get to hang out with family and friends, and just really try to enjoy this destination race.  The race is an evening race, something that I am not used to.  I do train in the evenings a lot, so I think I should be fine.  Weather?  That is the unknown.  Not sure if it will be really hot and humid or not, but if I know anything, training here at home in NC should prepare me for any kind of heat that NY may dish out that day.

Upon my return to NC, I will have seven more weeks to be ready for Asheville.  I will have a run of 15 miles the week I get back, and then over the next 6 weeks, a 17, 19 and 21 miler leading up to the race.  My feet usually start giving me fits if I run 35+ miles a week, so I will really pay attention to my body.  As I normally like to do, I have scheduled a Half Marathon a week before the Full.  Why do I do this?  I like to get one good last stretch before the race, and race far, but not too far.  I generally do not go all out unless I am really feeling good.  I look at the Half more as mental preparation, giving myself pep talks, and working out my pace and breathing.  I use it to give myself that final boost of confidence to go the distance on marathon day.

I have my plan, now I just need to stick to it.  Ok, for now that’s it, I have a tempo run to do.

Where and when are you running your “A” race this Fall?

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