Training Review


That’s me… coming into the finish of my first Half Marathon of 2013.  The Tobacco Road Half, in Cary, NC.  The date was 3/17, St. Patrick’s Day.  Like the shirt?  It was exactly two weeks after I ran the Asheville Marathon on 3/3/13.  It was a great half for me.  I finished in 1:41:10.  This race was the first of 9 planned Halves for the year.  I am now gearing up for my 5th Half of the year, Tromptown Races, in upstate NY.  This past week of training was a success, moving me closer to conquering the 13.1 distance again.  Here is how this past week went:

7/22-  rest day after 8 miler on Sunday.

7/23-  4 mile hill run to start off the week.

7/24-  3.25 mile pace run in heat of the day.  Training in the evening.  Race next week is at 5:45 pm.

7/25-  7.25 mile hill run

7/26-  5k speed work run, with one tough hill

7/27-  4 miler, again in the heat of the evening.

7/28-  5.5 mile run, partly with me son at a slower pace, then kicked in into gear to finish out the week.

Total miles for the week 27.1.  I am happy with that.  For Summer training in the heat, more effort on my breathing is really coming into focus.  As well as hydration.  I have been feeling really good though.  This week?  I want to squeeze in an 11 miler, hopefully on Wednesday.  Good speed work, and some hill running are planned.  That should set me up for a few short runs the following week, leading up to the Thursday night race on August 8th.

Have a great training week!

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