108 Amazing Miles


July was a great month for me!  I managed to run 23 days, with 8 rest days.  I ran distances ranging from 3.1 miles, up to 11 miles.  I ran one race this month, back on Independence Day.  That race, a 5k, was my fastest paced race in the last year.  I finished with a 7:03 pace.  I am still chasing the sub 7 paces I ran a few years ago.  My average pace during training July was 8:13.  I am very happy with all of my stats for the month.


I love the photo above!  It has determination written all over it.  Running takes determination, will and heart.  I am feeling good, and have had a really good year so far.  Being determined, and chasing after my goals has a lot to do with my positive outlook.  Running really does make a body feel good and feeds my soul.


I don’t run with music.  I focus on my surroundings, and take in the views and experiences that running and racing can provide.  I would rather remember the views, not the song, the cadence, that helped get me over that hill, or to the finish line.  Just look at this photo.  As runners, we have so many amazing opportunities to take in the beauty that is our world.  I breathe it in, the air and the scenery.


Our community, a strong family of runners, look after each other.  We were strong before, but as Boston taught us recently, we all care for our sport and our fellow runners.  We take pride in what we do, the goals we set for ourselves, and we relish in the run, the race, the finish.  We celebrate ourselves, and just as importantly, we celebrate others.  We are strong!


As July now is over, I begin a new chapter, a new month.  I look forward to continuing my training, and my racing over the next several weeks and months.  I look forward to stepping into the mass of runners at the starting line, and seeing what I can accomplish.  Bring on August!

3 thoughts on “108 Amazing Miles

  1. Congratulations on your 7:03 pace. 7:00 is just around the corner!
    Those are some beautiful, powerful photos you chose, especially the one of the guys supporting another racer. It is always unfortunate to see someone who needs that kind of support, but awesome to see how many people are so willing to give it.

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