Special reunion in NY


The reason for the trip to NY is pictured above.  We haven’t seen my Dad in way too long, so this reunion is special.  My boys haven’t seen Grandpa in years.  Too much distance, too few visitation chances.  So this picture speaks a thousand words to me!  A cherished photo.

So far we’ve eaten Spiedies, and had some delicious ice cream, and traveled all around the area that I grew up in.  You see, I haven’t lived here for 25 years, so I am slowly getting familiar with my surroundings again.  My first job was in the Mall right across the street from the hotel we are staying at.  So many memories here, lots of good memories.  If it weren’t for my Dad still living here we probably wouldn’t have ever come back.  Our life in the South has been such a nice change to where I grew up.  I’ve lived in NC now for 14 years, and love it.

This evening we are racing.  Tromptown Run, about an hours drive from here.  Kids are running the 5k, I am running the Half.  Hope the weather holds.  Will post a recap soon on how we do.

Just a happy family reunion in the mean time, and for the next few days.  Catching up, and enjoying time together.

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