Two Marathons in 14 days!


I’m training hard for my Fall racing season.  In fact, I am heading out on a 7 mile, hill run in just a little while.  Lots of things to consider while I am out on my run today.  I don’t listen to music when I run, so it’s always me time.  Time to think, contemplate, reflect.  I have a lot to think about today.

Things happened to work out for adding a race into the mix this Fall.  I recently posted that I have signed up for the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon, as I was able to get the time off from work, and everything worked out perfectly schedule wise.  So I am registered, with full details of the trip reserved and booked.  I am there!


Here is the kicker, and the topic of debate for my inner thoughts today while running.  I have yet to sign up for, but planned on running The City of Oaks Marathon, here at home in Raleigh.  Our areas premier marathon event, one that I have yet to participate in.  Last year I opted to drive to the coast and spend the weekend at The Outer Banks, and run the OBX Marathon.  The year prior to that, I had to work on the day of the marathon.  Prior to that, I never thought I would run a marathon.  I told myself earlier this year, that I would run this event.


So, now I have to decide.  Do I play it safe, and run the Half Marathon, as a warm up to the Full in Vegas, or do I go for broke and register for the Full, and possibly qualify to become a Marathon Maniac by completing these two marathons in 14 days?  Wow!

Questions I have to ask myself…..

1.  Can my legs, feet, body overall hold up to two marathons in two weeks?

2.  Am I crazy?

I guess that’s really all the questions I have for myself.  Do you have any thoughts?  Positives, negatives?  Let me know what you think….

10 thoughts on “Two Marathons in 14 days!

  1. If your gonna do both races – might as well just go for it! If you’ve done all the training then your legs can handle it. It’ll be tough, but you can do it! At least it’s not 2 in one week… that would be slightly crazier. I’ve found that I’m pretty much recovered from a marathon within a week. Good luck in whatever you decide!

    • Thanks! Will more than likely go for it. Last marathon I was back to running after a few days, and back to normal quickly. As long as I can remain injury free all will be good. Thanks for the vote of encouragement.

  2. You might be a little bit crazy, but running any marathon at all is a little bit crazy, so why not go for the two?! Best wishes that your bod holds up and will be looking forward to posts after you cross the finish line. Good luck!

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