Looking ahead?


Inaugural running 2014

As goals for next year start to swirl around in my head…. I try hard to think and plan, but also stay focused on completing 2013 with a vengeance.

I have run 117 miles so far this August, and have one day left.  Depending on the weather, I may opt to run my next long run on Monday or Tuesday, because I am off from work those days.  I may run it tomorrow though.  We will see how the legs feel tomorrow.

Four weeks from right now, I will be settling in from a 4 hour drive and a trip to the Asheville Marathon Expo.  Having had a nice carb loading dinner, I will be relaxing in a beautiful cabin outside of Asheville that I just booked.  Letting my mind wander and ponder about racing the following day.

Maybe what will help, is instead of stressing about the race will be to look forward to it, to savor every moment.  To think about goals, and what has been accomplished this year, and maybe even have fleeting thoughts about what I may want to accomplish in 2014.  So I put this photo above, sort of as a reminder to myself that although we train and run for today, and have short terms goals coming to term, that we must also focus on long term goals.  For me that includes a Birthday running of the Rock n Roll Raleigh next April.

I love our sport of running.  So many options for racing, and keeping ourselves healthy.

Happy Running everyone!  Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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