Marathon Dreaming


I don’t know about you, but once I get within a month of a marathon, it’s about all I can think about.  I think about everything from nutrition to fitness level to packing and details, and even stupid things like making sure I don’t stub my toe, or get careless on a set of stairs.  What will the weather be?  I guess it’s just normal to worry, to want everything to go smoothly leading up to the BIG day.  I think we all want the big day to arrive, and be in perfect shape, and perfect mental preparedness to get the job done.

In now just a short 23 days, I will be running 26.2 miles all over the beautiful city of Asheville pictured above.  I will get to see this city in ways I never have before.  With a runner point of view, I will see many things others that aren’t running that day will never see.  I get to soak in the race day atmosphere, and try to thoroughly enjoy marathon day.  I get to test myself yet again, (this being my 6th Full) and see what my body can conquer.  I just love the thought of testing myself to the limits.  It is a truly unique experience.


How can you not fall in love with a place like Asheville.  It was the sight of my 4th marathon back in March.  The locations of these two marathons are completely different, but I find myself excited to see a different side of the city.  Come to think of it, all of my marathons have been run in such unique places.  From trail, to mountain, to beach.  This one should be so fun, and an experience all its own.


At the end of the day, September 28th, I hope to be flying high, like the hot air balloon.  I will be exhausted, but content and filled with the joy of accomplishment.  See you soon Asheville!  I’m coming for ya!

7 thoughts on “Marathon Dreaming

  1. have you started checking the weather yet? lol. i’m horrible for the last few weeks before a race. i obsess over every little detail … even the ones i know i have no control over. i’ve always wanted to visit asheville and those pictures just make me want to do so even more. maybe i’ll have to add this race to my calendar next year. good luck!

    • Lol, I am just hoping for a cool down. Being in the mountains, that should be possible. 50 degrees and overcast, please! I’ll post a race recap to let you know how it is. Thanks for reading.

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