20 days


The countdown is speeding up, getting faster and faster by the day it seems.  How can there now be just under three weeks to go before the Marathon?  Where has all the time gone?  It is just amazing to me that I have been training all Summer for this race that is now just 20 days away.

Training continued to go well this week.  I am about to head out on a 10 miler, in cooler temps, but certainly not as cool as I hope they are on race day in the mountains.  My mileage for the week?  40!  Four runs, and a couple of days off for recovery.  Things are good!  Body feels good, and so does the mind.

Work has been crazy, and full of changes this week, so hopefully things will calm down so that I can continue to focus on what really matters in life, my running.  Lol.  Ok, so work matters, too.  We all need to make money to pay for the racing.  Tit for tat.  I get it.  I had a great conversation yesterday at work with a customer.  Somehow out of the blue I told her about my upcoming trip to Asheville for the marathon, and she told me that she is also a marathon runner.  She is coming off a six month long injury, but has run a few of the same marathons that I have run.  It was really great talking to her, and getting insight on how she dealt with her injury, and how she is back in the running game now.  I told her about the marathon this past march in Asheville at the Biltmore Estate, and she was very intrigued.  She is going to look into it, and possibly sign up.  Yup, no problem.  I love to chat about racing, and it often leads to folks being interested in trying something new, a new race or a different venue.  Gotta love the community we are all a part of.

here’s to another great week of training, and wishes that your training continues toward your Fall racing goals.  Cheers!

5 thoughts on “20 days

  1. It is annoying how work gets in the way of running, but definitely have to make money in order to pay for race fees, the gas to get there, and the hotel rooms when necessary. I’ve decided that people who can finish a half marathon in less than 1:25 must not have full-time jobs…I don’t see how you can train that hard while working all day!

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