9/11 Hope & Inspiration


Today we remember, but we never forget.  Where we were, what life was like, the day those moments changed our lives forever.

I believe a day like today we remember our fallen one’s.  We celebrate our heroes.  We look forward with love and hope and healing for a brighter future for this World we live in.


It means so much, and carries us forward in life.  Without hope, what is there?


This quote by Emerson pretty much sums up.  There must always be hope, even in the darkest of dark.  When we feel down or defeated or at our absolute zero, just look up, the stars will surely appear.  I’ve been down, but never out.


Live life more fearlessly.  With hope, understanding and gratitude, maybe some of the suffering does truly melt away.  I try to be as fearless as possible, but always have to remind myself to reach.  Reach up, forward, beyond…..

Today is about heroism, and finding in ourselves, ways to be more heroic.  To take a stand, to give of ourselves, to make a difference in the lives of others and ourselves.  Let’s always remember our heroes, and aspire to be more like them.


Memories are a part of who we are.  We make memories, we cherish memories, we reflect on memories.  Memories can hold us back, or propel us forward.  As we strive to better ourselves, our communities, our nations, let’s take those thoughts and build a better human race, a kinder people.  Learning from the past is a crucial part of being better people.  Can we all unite in the betterment of this world we live in?


Hope and Heroism…..Let’s all try to show a little more.  Each one of us can make a difference.

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