Johnson Lexus Half Marathon


Title sponsor for upcoming Midtown Race Series Half Marathon

First things first….

I know I have a marathon in like 17 days…yeah, yeah..

Before that however, I do have a tune up Half Marathon on my calendar.  The Johnson Lexus Half is a week from Saturday, on September 21, 2013.  That’s like 10 days away!  How on earth did this race sneak up on me so fast?

Thankfully I have been training hard for the Asheville City Marathon on the 28th, so this Half Marathon will be a nice tune up for me.  I really don’t have a plan of attack just yet for this race, as it really is only a “B” race.  Sort of a means to an end.  That end being the marathon one week after.  I will use this race to shake the body out one last time for distance.  The hard work for the marathon is done.  I have decided that the 18 miler this past week was my last long run on this cycle.  I want my body, my feet and legs mostly, to recover and be as fresh as possible for the hilly marathon.  I really don’t think adding a 20 miler this weekend will serve any purpose other than tiring me out, and stressing my feet and legs even more.  I have put in plenty of miles, and I don’t want to overdo it.

Over the next week leading up to the Half, I plan on running about 30-35 miles.  A few 8-9 milers, but more like easy 4’s and 5’s.  The nice thing about the Halves I am running this Fall is that they are part of the Triple Crown.  The race directors from each of three Halves I am running in this series, have added an extra prize/bling, to anyone completing all 39.3 miles.  The races are as follows:

Johnson Lexus Half Marathon 9/21.

RunRaleigh Half Marathon 10/6.

Hallowed Half Marathon 10/27.  Check them out on Facebook

The extra bling for completing all three?


A nice shiny medal!  I also earned the Spring Triple pictured below earlier this year.


Gotta support local races!  I am so lucky to live in an area with a very active running community, and so many dedicated and supportive race directors.  Many, many thanks to them for putting on such great events that are so very runner friendly.

So, like I stated earlier.  First things first…before conquering the Asheville Marathon, I have the Johnson Lexus Half to mentally and physically prepare for.  Hoping for a cool morning, and a beautiful run on the green ways of Raleigh.

Q’s for you!

#1. Do you have a lot of great local races you can participate in, or do you have to travel?

#2. Do you ever run a half marathon race to prepare for a full?

10 thoughts on “Johnson Lexus Half Marathon

  1. I’ve run a half during training for a full, twice. Problem was, I was trying to PR the half. Since my pace goals are a minute and a half per mile different for halfs and fulls, I struggled in the half each time–too much pace to make up too quickly. If you treat it as a nice, easy 13.1 as part of a larger goal of the full, I’m sure it works well to get the adrenaline going in a race atmosphere and break up the monotony of long miles. Good luck!

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