Marathon #6 just 4 days away!


Where has all of the time gone?  Just a few short days from now, the Asheville City Marathon will be here.

I am working the next three nights in a row, and during my mornings off, I will be getting everything in order for the long weekend in the mountains.   Looks to be absolutely perfect weather as it stands right now in the forecast.  Low to mid 70’s for highs all weekend, and low 50’s during the morning hours each day.  Perfect for running a marathon!  I need to start thinking about a top layer to toss, since standing outside for an hour or more in that temperature will be chilly before the start.

I am getting very excited for my 6th marathon.  Asheville is a great city, and I can’t wait to experience it on foot.  All of it!  This marathon will be challenging, with hills, peaks and valleys, but should be much easier from an overall elevation change standpoint from my last marathon in Roanoke, Virginia in April.  I look forward to this challenge, and will be ready!  Runners of all shapes and sizes will be descending on Asheville this Friday to attend the expo.  There is a 5k on Friday night, followed by the Half and Full marathons commencing at 6am on Saturday morning.  The half and full start together and break off from each other at about the 7.5 mile mark.  Here is a map of the Full marathon that I will be running.


This past week I ran just over 25 miles total.  That included my last long training run on Saturday, the Johnson Lexus Half marathon. I finished in 1:43:43, just about where I wanted that run to be.  Overall pace was 7:50 per mile, so somewhat faster than I expect to run this Saturday.  I felt a bit of a tweak in my left groin yesterday, and was a little sore the day after the race, but today I think I am back to normal.  Last evening I ran a 5k tune up, recovery run.  Whatever you want to call it, it was basically a “I need to run, I want to run, I need to see how my legs feel” sort of run.  That nervous energy sort of run.  Not wanting to overdo it, but really needing to test the body and reassure oneself for the 26.2 mile adventure ahead.  I am sure you can relate.  I am going to run an easy four miles this morning, followed by a pace run of 4 to 5 miles tomorrow.  I think that will be it for me prior to the race.  I may rest completely on Thursday and Friday.  We’ll see, but that is the plan right now.


This race starts at 6am, so it will be dark for about an hour at the start.  These few photos are taken during previous Asheville races, and I am looking forward to all of the views.  Bring it on, Asheville!


The Full Marathon is capped at 2,500 runners, and the Half is capped at 4,000.  I don’t think that either race has reached capacity, as I have not seen a notice on the races being sold out.  These numbers are big though.  There will be a lot of runners toeing the line on Saturday morning.  The feeling will be electric!  Here is a list of my other marathons and number of finishers.  If this race is anywhere near the cap, it will be the largest marathon field that I have competed in.

Myrtle Beach Marathon 2/18/12.    1797 finishers

Tobacco Road Marathon 3/18/12.     975 finishers

Outer Banks Marathon 11/11/12.    1190 finishers

Asheville Marathon at Biltmore Estate 3/3/13.    962 finishers

Blue Ridge Marathon 4/20/13.    424 finishers


Yes, I only started marathoning last year, and ran three total in 2012.  This marathon will be my third for 2013.  I am looking forward to every bit of it.  Hopefully the body will hold up, and I am able to have a fantastic race.  I really want to do well.  I have many more races planned before the end of the year, and much to look forward to.  The Asheville City Marathon is the only focus though for right now, and it’s just a few short days away.  Open your arms Asheville, I am ready for my hug!

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