Half Full Half


Less than a week since the Asheville City Marathon, I am gearing up for the final weekend of my Half, Full, Half challenge.  I have been reminding myself all week to recover, to rest, to take it easy.  Well, since Saturday’s 26.2 in Asheville, I have only run twice.  I ran a 3.1 a few days ago, and I just finished a 4.1 mile run tonight.   Just trying to stay loose and yet not overdo it.

On Sunday morning I will be running in the Fall installment of the RunRaleigh Half Marathon.  I ran this race just six days prior to the Blue Ridge Marathon back in April.  Now, permanently scheduled for the Fall racing season, the RunRaleigh Half is a great run.  It winds it’s way through city streets in Raleigh, and then through scenic green ways, and back again to Cameron Village, in the western heart of the city.  I know the race director personally, so I am always supportive of her races.

I stopped by packet pick up today after work, and got my bib, shirt and pilsner glass, reflecting one of the charities that the race will benefit.  The ASPCA of Raleigh.  For all of you dog and cat lovers, it is a worthy charity, for sure.  I also dropped off some promotional flyers for the Asheville Marathon at Biltmore Estate at Capitol RunWalk, the venue for packet pick up.  Daphne Kirkwood of iDaph Events, in Asheville provided me with some to distribute around the Raleigh and Triangle area over the next several months leading up to that race In March of 2014.  I hope to spread the word at the race this Sunday as well.

Looking forward?  I have several more races this season, and I am just going to take them one by one.  Overall goal of staying healthy throughout.

what’s next on your race schedule?

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