*13 in 2013* Goal Update


So my goal for 2013 was to run a combination of 13 Half and Full Marathons throughout the course of the year.  Here is a quick recap of the year so far.  A very good year so far…..   My Half marathon today (medal pictured above) will be recapped in full tomorrow.  For now, here is a look at the year.

Today’s Half marked my 46th race Overall since 2003.  All but two of them being over the last 2.5 years.

I have now run 7 Half Marathons in 2013.

I have run 3 Full Marathons in 2013.

So I am sitting just 3 races shy of my goal for the year.  I have four planned between now and November 17th.  Physically I am feeling good and strong.  Last weeks Asheville City Marathon was my 2nd fastest out of 6.  Today’s Half was my 6th fastest out of 17.   I cannot believe that I have racked up those kind of numbers in the past few years.  …..and I am still loving it.

So, I have two Halves left before the end of October, and then finishing out the year with two Full’s in two weeks in November.  Lofty goals take lofty desires, and I love running distance, so why not?

How will I ever top this in 2014?

Full steam ahead And happy running!


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