#runBlueRidge Contest Update


I recently posted a few times that I would be running a free entry contest this week for the Blue Ridge Marathon.  I am so sorry to say, but I was contacted late last night about a change in the schedule.  My contest has been bumped to the week of December 9th, so that there will not be two contests going on at the same time.

#RunChat on Twitter has a sponsored giveaway for the marathon this week, so we will look at this as a positive, and a way for those interested to become more involved in #RunChat.  Are you on Twitter?  There is a huge community of runners on Twitter, and it is a great way to become more involved.  “Meet” people from all over the globe who have the same interest in running that you do!  It is also a great way to learn more about races all over the world, and let’s face it, there are over a half billion active registered Twitter users.  There are close to 60 million tweets per day.  That’s a lot of people, and tweets!

I joined Twitter a few years ago, mainly just to check it out, and to follow a few hotels in Las Vegas, as I was planning a trip out there back then, and was looking to get insider info on deals, Etc..  Since then, it really just became a runner forum for me.  Kind of a way for me to pacify my thirst for knowledge about my favorite activity -running.  99% of who I follow are runners, and 99% of my followers are runners.  We can trade info on training, racing, etc..  It’s a great way to get information.  I get a lot of world news from Twitter.  You can really use it in many, many ways.  My Twitter handle is @RunningWild1313, so if you are on Twitter, give me a follow, and I will follow you back.  Hey, and if you are on Twitter already, follow the Blue Ridge Marathon, if you don’t already.  They are @BRM26pt2.

#RunChat takes place on Sundays.  It is a Q&A about all things running, that takes place at 10p.m. On the 1st and 3rd Sunday every month, and at 8p.m. ET on the 2nd and 4th Sunday every month.  Join the Chat!  There is normally a sponsor every week, offering a discount or contest for those attending the chat.  There is currently a 20% discount being offered this week by @KTTape on orders placed using discount code RUNCHAT.

I have been informed that #RunChat will be having a giveaway this week for #runBlueRidge, so my contest is being moved.

Again, I am so sorry.  If you have been waiting for my contest post, please hang in there with me, it will all be worthwhile.  Stay tuned, my contest is just being moved to December.  I loved racing the Blue Ridge Marathon this year, and I actually won a blog contest last year for a free entry.  So, someone will win!!  Promise!



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