Everlasting Memories


My next marathon, and first time running my hometown event!

My favorite part of marathon running are the everlasting imprints, the memories that I am left with after the big day.  The sights and sounds, the way I ran, how my body felt, and that feeling of bliss.  Each marathon tells a story.  Every race day is unique, from the venue to the runners and spectators.  I love reading about runner experiences.  Every runner has a story, every runner has a history, and a reason for toeing the line.  The excitement that a marathon brings is different for all of us, and what we take away from it is truly life changing.

My next marathon, the City of Oaks Marathon is just 26 days away.  I am already mentally preparing for this challenge.  My body is trained and ready.  Having run a marathon just 10 days ago, I will be focusing on keeping a decent base, with a few longer runs mixed in.  I only plan on running two 13.1’s over the next few weeks in preparation for this event.  Otherwise, my training runs will be short bursts, pace training on hills.  3, 4, and 5 milers should keep me loose and not over trained.


The race course is tough.  Touted to be easier than in past years, the course changed last year, but was still reviewed as hilly.  I’m sorry, but in this area, when you design a race course that is 26.2 miles long, it’s going to include a fair number of hills.  The Raleigh area is hilly.  I have run a ton of races around the area, and very few can make a claim that they are flat.  If you train on hills, this course should be no different than other marathons.  I haven’t run this one yet, but fully expect it to be easier than three marathons I have run previously.  The City of Oaks has to be easier than both Asheville marathons I’ve run, and certainly a walk in the park compared to the Blue Ridge Marathon in Virginia.  I guess time will tell.  I will be prepared for a tough race.


I have quite the affection for distance running.  City of Oaks will be lucky #7.  Here’s to making more memories!

I can’t wait!!!


2 thoughts on “Everlasting Memories

  1. Woo hoo glad to see someone else running a marathon this month just 20 days shy of the next marathon! What’s your secret on recovery and weekly plans? Might piggy back off your ideas if you don’t mind. Glad to hear someone with the right attitude on course elevation as well. You can either see the hills as holding you back or you can see them as making you stronger and more of a challenge with each mile that passes.

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