Cold and Rainy and Restful


The kind of conditions that came in last night, and are looking to stay through the weekend.  Yuck!

I went from wearing flip flops and shorts, to long sleeves, and socks in one day!  That is so not cool.  I want the beautiful weather from the past couple of weeks to return.  It looks like I will have to wait several days though, so I am going to try to look at the positives….

For a runner like me, who has been doing a lot of distance racing, I am going to rest.  Yep, a break in training, even though I have more racing to do in the next month and a half.  This goes against my earlier plans, and really goes against everything I want.  For some reason though, I think I need the rest.  I ran the last two days and the runs were not that great.  My legs are tired.  I even feel a bit of soreness in my hamstring, a possible result from this past weekend.

With any training regime, we need rest.  Time for our bodies to recuperate from the stress.  I will be the first one to tell you that I probably don’t rest enough.  I get there are tons of us faithful runners who run on rest days.  I told myself I would not overtrain, and give myself ample opportunity for race days.  This I must abide by.

So, rain if it must.  Be cold, and dark and dreary, if it must.  I am going to take the day off.  I’m going to take tomorrow off, too.  I might even take the whole weekend off.  I kinda scares me, knowing I have races coming up, but I must listen to my body.  I may fight it at times, but I have to relax, and rest.  Maybe the Sun will return on Monday, just in time for me to head back out on the roads and get a few decent runs in before racing next weekend.

Do you stress about overtraining?  Do you often run when you are supposed to take a rest day?  I get very nervous about possible injuies.  Do you?


Go ahead and rain, I will be inside on the couch, with me feet up.

12 thoughts on “Cold and Rainy and Restful

  1. That sounds like a good plan, I love a rainy rest day. I have one rest day a week and I do get concerned about over training. The plan I have helps me to feel more confident about achieving my goals, it’s a mental readiness thing as much as a running readiness thing.

  2. I just came across this quote “Without rest, the athlete cannot advance to the next level.”

    Friday is my day of rest every week. A plan for rest and recovery is just as important as your training plan.

  3. I struggle with resting enough as well. And I’m definitely lamenting the colder weather that has rolled it. I’ve got a half in 2 weeks and a full in mid November and I’m wishing I could train hard for both of them, but I compromised my lungs too much in my last half and have been sick. Sometimes I run even when I’m sick, but I’m doing my best to be smart and rest this time. If it was warmer out I’d probably be failing, but since it’s cold and wet, it’s easier for me to stay inside. I have to keep reminding myself that I am in shape for decent finishes in the next two races, and that it’s already too late for me to be able to train hard enough to change the result. And that my body just can’t handle the hard training I want right now. It’s a tough pill to swallow.

    Enjoy your time off 🙂

  4. Why is it that us runners are such a stubborn bunch??!! I went out for a run even though i knew I had an irritating cough, I ran coughing and spluttering rather then give in … I have to admit that eventually I gave in and rested up for 2days ha ha and that’s all I could give myself!! lol I’m out no matter what these days and it was cold yesterday morning brrrrr winter is definitely upon us.

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