Rock N Roll Birthday


April 13, 2014

Just 6 months remain until my Birthday marathon.  I am beginning to hear more and more about this inaugural race here in my hometown, and it’s starting to get exciting.

Running clubs are talking about it, and flyers and posters are starting to appear in race bags around the area.  I decided that I would run this race when I first heard about it, and now that it is only six months away, many people will be starting to think about training plans through the winter.  I plan on running another marathon in the late winter, so this race will piggyback on that one, training wise.

There are so many thoughts and opinions about Rock n Roll sponsored events.  I’ve hear the good, the bad, and the down right ugly.  Everyone has a right to have an opinion.  If you have run one, I would like to get your opinion.  Did you love it?  Did you despise it?  I’ve only run one other Rock n Roll race thus far, and it was in Las Vegas, back in 2011.  I ran the Half Marathon, and really enjoyed it.  Mid and back of the packers did not.  I am also getting ready to run that event again, although this time, I am running the Full 26.2.  That race is now just a short 34 days away.  In fact, I am flying to Vegas a month from today.

So tell me, do you like Rock n Roll events?

14 thoughts on “Rock N Roll Birthday

  1. I ran Virginia Beach about 15 years ago (so I won’t count that one!!) and the New Orleans 1/2 in February this year. I thought it was well done. The expo was more of a sales event than other races, they had everyone all pumped up as they started the waves of runners, and the music post race was really good. The only issue I could’ve had, which I didn’t because I wasn’t going for a PR or anything, was that the streets were just FULL. I don’t find the bands are spaced out evenly either, if that makes a difference to anyone.
    I’d definitely consider coming up to Raleigh for this race if I wasn’t running Boston the following week! I’m kinda bummed about the timing 🙂

    • Yeah, too many good races, and often times they overlap. There are three here in NC on March 16th. One in the mountains, one here, and one at the beach. Raleigh is two weeks prior to another marathon I am running at Blue Ridge marathon.

  2. Very well run events – excellent expo; good signage;good support, etc. but the company was just sold to a hedge fund the week of/before Labor Day. They cut $$ to elite runners and probably will drop the legends. Watch carefully what happened this coming year. Gordon Gekko may just break it up and sell off the events.

    • The controversy continues here in Raleigh. The course route has been announced, and they have been afforded the “post card” route that even local races can’t get. Amazing.

  3. I’ve run the Dallas one 4 times and New Orleans 2 times. When they first started, they were fun – lots of bands, a real headliner concert at the finish, free beer, etc. But now they are very expensive, there are hardly any bands on the course, they do NOT support a charity (purely for-profit now), and the “headliner” concerts have been anything but. Not to mention all the logistics problems I’ve experienced (runner and spectator bussing issues). So I think I’m done with Dallas. I may do New Orleans again some day, as it is perfectly flat, the post race party was a real party, and hey, it’s New Orleans. Otherwise, I’m looking for more local races around the country. Good luck with your RNR Raleigh, I hope it’s a good experience for you!

  4. I’ve run 1 rock n roll 1/2 marathon, it was the first one they did in Providence, RI, summer 2011. It was pouring rain so most of the bands cancelled. I was still racing with headphones at that point, so I guess I didn’t really care anyway. It was just like any other race I’ve run. I don’t race with headphones anymore, so now if I run a race that promises lots of on-course music, the music better be there!

      • The only place I get blisters, (and I only get them in the rain) is the back of my heel. But I have this awesome tape, called “Cover-Roll Stretch” from BSN medical that prevents blisters. It is breathable, it’s thin enough not to make blisters worse like I find that band-aids do, and it doesn’t come off when I sweat! If I know it’s going to rain during my run, I put a strip of tape on the back of each heel and I am good to go. Kept me blister-free during my first Blue Ridge 1/2 in the pouring rain, and during the Providence 1/2.

        I discovered this tape’s blister-preventing magic by accident. I just happened to have a roll of it because I used to use it as the base layer for taping my knees during high-school track. I haven’t had to tape my knees in years, but I still had the tape lying around. And I remember that it stuck pretty well even when I was sweating, so I tried it on my blisters. Best idea ever.

      • That’s great! I have tried to use KT Tape for injury/prevention, and I can’t get it to stick to me, even following the directions on use 100%.

      • You should look into the cover-roll then! My 17 y/o brother spent a month with me this summer to build up his endurance for his senior year of cross country, and had terrible blisters on his arch. I gave him some tape, and it worked wonders for him. I ended up sending him home with a roll of it to get him through the xc season.

  5. I’ve only ever run in RnR races. I like them well enough. They are well organized, but they’re also super-crowded. I’m looking forward to venturing out.

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