Think Spring!


On a cold day like today, I can only think of one thing….Spring!

Out of nowhere, we have a blast of cold air from Canada, giving us a few days of really cold weather.  Seems like just a few days ago I was sweating outside.  Seems like that, because it was just a few days ago!   Bundling up, long sleeve shirts, bun warmers on in the car?  Come on!  Having to turn the heat on just days after roasting on a 10k run, nonsense.  Unfortunately I have no control of the weather, only where I live.  Which is why I live in the South.  (Where it’s still supposed to be warm right now!).

The cold weather does get me thinking of Winter.  The holidays, turkey, presents.  Oh, the joys.  Thank God we have running to keep the waistline in check after eating all of those pies, and cookies over the next few months.  It makes me think of training through the cold for those late Winter and Spring races.  The season when distance racing again produces some really stellar events around this area.

Here is a list of possibilities…. Not sure which I am running yet, this is a work in progress.  Really just ideas at this point.  I have more than enough time to plan.


First is the Inaugural Hilton Head Marathon.  I really want to run this, plus Mom lives there, so would be super easy.


Then there’s Wrightsville Beach Marathon…. life’s a beach, but this marathon isn’t.  It’s flat and fast.  Or so they say.


Then we have the 2nd installment of the grand race I ran earlier this year, in Asheville.   Second times the charm?


My Birthday.  This one, I know for sure I will be running.  Can’t and will not miss this celebration of my 44th.


Then there’s the infamous Blue Ridge Marathon… much fun, so challenging.

So many thoughts in my head.  So many great races, and a no-so-cold winter, I hope, to train for them.  I look forward to planning, and running.  I just now have to get my mind settled on the fact that this cold weather will soon be upon us for good.  I don’t like the thought of it.  Not just yet.

Questions for you….  Do you prefer to train in the winter or summer?  Have you already registered for any races this winter or spring?

Ok, time to put the soup on, and grab the blanket.  (Sigh)

10 thoughts on “Think Spring!

  1. You ask a tough question. If you ask me in the summer, I would say I prefer winter. If in the winter, I say summer. The negative qualities in whatever season I am in seem to take over my brain!!
    Seems like we have a lot of the same marathons on the potentials list!! Its just so hard to choose!

      • Awesome! And I can vouch for the fact that it’s flatter’na pancake. 🙂
        And to answer your question regarding when is my favorite time to train, well, it’s just being able to train!! Training in summer makes me feel terrible and slow, but certainly makes me stronger, which is quickly proven when winter races come. Running in the cool weather is always good for me too. I’m just hoping to get over this injury and be able to train…. I miss running pain free, no matter when it is!

  2. Unfortunately, in Texas I pretty much have no choice but to train in the heat. It does make it nice though when you show up on a chilly race day!
    Have you looked into the Flying Pirate 1/2 in OBX? I ran it a few months ago and loved it!

  3. I’ve only been to Hilton Head one time, but I loved it there! I’d do that run in a heartbeat.
    And, sorry about the cold Canadian air. We don’t like keeping the joy to ourselves all the time so we try to spread it around.

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