Show me your medals! #Bling


Marathon medals in order. Myrtle Beach, Tobacco Road, Outer Banks, Asheville/Biltmore, Blue Ridge, Asheville City, City of Oaks

Race medals are a great reward for completing a race.  Who doesn’t love some bling?  To have a medal placed around your neck after completing a tough race is very cool.  These days medals are getting fancier and fancier.  Bigger and bigger.  The photo above shows my 7 marathon medals.  It’s hard to pick a favorite.  What makes a medal special to you?

– the overall design?

– the size?

– the race itself?

– uniqueness?

– colors?

Let me know.  I my favorite is, ah, I can’t decide.  They are all special for different reasons.  The first, the last, the hardest course, it’s hard for me to peg just one reason.

Show me your most prized medal, and tell me why.

14 thoughts on “Show me your medals! #Bling

  1. I can’t pick a favorite because I love them all for different reasons. Wineglass medal is unique because it is glass. Myrtle Beach – all I can remember is I thought I was going to fall over after they put that around my neck. It is heavy. Love my Runner’s World and Ragnar ones as the double as bottle openers. I could go on forever, well – at least a few more minutes.

  2. Isn’t it so neat the way our medals tell our stories? Each one of mine tells the story of that one day, so they’re all special, from the 5k to marathon. I would have to pick two that are extra special. I ran Disney with Team in Training where I raised over $3000 (my grandmother was a survivor) and then there’s the 2013 Houston Marathon, where I qualified for Boston.
    Some races have stopped giving medals, but again, the medal brings such a memory of the race, the day, the feelings, everything, so I treasure mine 🙂 I don’t know how to post a picture on this comment or I would.

  3. Not many of the races I’ve done have had medals. My husband had a Pandora bead made to mark our first half marathon. It’s very simple, just has 21.1km on it. It was a special surprise and because it is on my bracelet I get to wear it everyday:) (there is just enough room on the bracket for a 42.2km bead a 50km bead and even a 100km bead if ever I get that far!)

  4. I like medals that are unique, and that show something special about the race or place. I can’t stand generic-looking medals. Or even worse, no medal. I did a half marathon outside of Nashville last winter and they didn’t even give out finisher’s medals. I was pretty disappointed to have driven 7 hrs for a race and not even have a unique medal to show for it.

    My favorite medal right now is the one I got a few weeks ago and my town’s inaugural half marathon. It’s special partly because I came up with the design, and partly because it is really unique and shows what is special about Lewisburg : “Coolest small town” It helps that it’s also my favorite colors…blue and green!

  5. I like medals. But I like towels too. Of course the best is if you get both a medal and a towel. Medals are indeed special and great for reliving the event. On the other hand, towels are very effective for showing off at the pool or the beach 🙂 The downside is that towels have a lifespan. The solution? Do more events and get more towels… and medals! 🙂

  6. I love my new marathon medal, maybe because I’ve only had it three days and i’m still a little euphoric but also because of the picture of the coastline, sea and beach at first I thought the pattern at the bottom was pebbles but on closer inspection its lots of little runners all huddled together brilliant!
    Weirdest medal was a metal trainer about 2″ long but its actually great to keep my safety pins in !

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