Charleston Marathon Quest


I’ve decided!  After careful consideration, and much posturing, my 2014 racing season will begin in just 43 days.  I am going to run the 4th Annual Charleston Marathon, in Charleston, South Carolina.  I am very excited!

The drive from home will be just over four hours to get me to this southern city that is rich in history.  I’ve only spent time in Charleston on one occasion in my life.  I haven’t been to Charleston in nearly 15 years.  Back then, my kids were tiny.  My youngest was just months old, and traveled close to my chest in a baby sling, as we toured the historic town by horse drawn carriage.  Many years have passed, and this trip will be a whole lot different.  Back then I was in my 20’s, and now in my 40’s, I will tour the city by foot on a 26.2 mile journey.  I couldn’t be happier about my choice to register for this event.

I have a local friend that I am planning on traveling down with.  We both have different objectives and goals for this race.  I will be testing my new pace regime, working my way toward a Boston Qualifier finish.  My ultimate goal for this race will be to run sub 3:30:00.  This would be a PR for me, and get me closer to that magical race in Boston.  This course is mainly flat, so my chances are good, provided I keep working on sprints and endurance training over the next month plus.  Here is a look at the course map for the Full.


My friend will be running the Half, which follows the Full Marathon route for most of the distance of the race.  She will be gunning for a sub 1:46:00 finish, as she prepares to set a record in her age group later in 2014 at a race in San Diego, California.  We have never traveled to a race together, so it should be a fun and new experience. She will be waiting at the finish line for me.  We’ve booked a hotel about 2 miles from the start, and because this is a point to point race, we will catch a shuttle back to the start after relaxing and enjoying music and shrimp and grits at the finish.  What a great idea for post race food!  Local music, and a southern seafood treat.


A city of true southern charm, and hospitality, I am already looking forward to seeing Charleston from a whole new angle.  To be able to see a place on a marathon journey is truly unique.  I am also looking forward to seeing many other cities in my running shoes in 2014.  I really spent a lot of my 2013 running season conquering the hills and mountains.  Roanoke, Asheville, Raleigh.  What is unique so far about my plans for 2014 is that I already have plans for three marathons on the coast.  Flat courses at the beach.  Wilmington, Charleston, Hilton Head.  I am excited to try flatter courses, which are truly few and far between where I live in North Carolina.

So it all begins in Charleston next year for me.  I already have my plan in place for training, and look forward to putting in the miles with a new goal in mind for 2014.  To qualify, or at least get myself closer to qualifying for Boston.


10 thoughts on “Charleston Marathon Quest

  1. I love the Charleston Marathon! I ran it last year (it was my first mary) and I’m running again this year! SO excited about it! Charleston is one of my favorite places in SC, anyways… and to be able to run a marathon there makes it even better! You’ll love it.

  2. I live in Charleston and have run this race the past two years. I hope you have a great time running it and that the weather is great for you. I have to give you fair warning the course is pretty crappy except the first few miles down town. Very industrial through North Charleston but it is flat and great for qualifying!
    And to the comment above, it does go out on a pier and doubles back, that part is cool, but its a long out and back in the middle of the race!

    • Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, I have heard that about the the later stages of the race being a little boring. Almost every marathon I have run has boring sections, so I will be ready mentally. I am looking forward to visiting your city, it has been too long since I’ve been there. Mainly running it because of the flatness of the course and focusing on Boston. Will you be running it again this year?

      • I won’t be here for it this year. I will be on my third rotation in Philadelphia freezing my tail off and attempting to start training for Boston. I have a bunch of friends doing it though. I love how cheap this race is and the past few years not having to travel for a race has been a great relief to my bank account!

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