7 minutes to Boston


As I plan out my strategy for 2014, I learned something very important last night.  After running 8 marathons over the past two years, I now consider myself experienced enough to “go for Boston”.  I have learned a lot on the marathon courses I’ve been on, and paid careful attention to training.  I have not qualified for the Boston Marathon yet, but now feel comfortable that I will get there.  The elite event for marathon runners will have to make room for me.  I have a plan, and I will be there.

Obviously the qualifying and field is already full for the 2014 event.  I am shooting for the race in 2015.  I have chosen several flat marathons to try my luck.  I went onto the Boston Marathon qualifying page on their website last night and learned something very interesting and exciting.  You see, I am 43 years old currently, and my PR is 3:32.  I thought in order to qualify for 2015, I would have to cut 12 minutes off my PR in my upcoming marathons, and have inserted speed work into my training to get me closer.  But, here is what I learned last night.  I have to qualify with the time for the Age Group that I will be in at the time of the 2015 race.  This is good news!  I will be turning 45 just one week before the 2015 race on April 20th.  Yes, that means that I only have to drop 7 minutes off my PR.  Really that is huge in the world of marathon running.  My pace would have to be 7:49/mile.  That is doable, and my new standard to shoot for this year.

Of course, just meeting the qualifying standard doesn’t mean that I would get in to the race, so I will continue to push my limits on pacing.  This is just thrilling news to me, as I would just be amazed to qualify, and be among the elite field at this prestigious event.

My schedule for going for Boston is as follows:

In 26 days, I will attempting to qualify at the Charleston Marathon.

In 47 days, the journey will continue in Hilton Head at this inaugural marathon.

For the winter and spring racing season, I have three more marathons planned.  All 5 I have planned for next year for the first part of the year, will be new races for me.  New courses, but flatter courses that the ones I ran this year.  I will certainly run some of my previous marathons again, but my focus for 2014 will be to qualify for Boston, so I need to be smart in picking courses that are a little more conducive to a quicker run.

I am so excited to get running and try to get to Boston.


19 thoughts on “7 minutes to Boston

  1. Good luck! Also keep in mind that the BAA doesn’t register based on a first come first served basis. This year the BAA took applicants in my qualifying time bracket for one week and at the end of that week set a lower cut off than the actual qualifying standards, leaving me out in the cold by 30+ seconds!

  2. Hi, I stumbled across your blog and love your desire to get to Boston. Can I make a suggestion though? If you prepare for 1 marathon instead of 5, and do it totally right (training-wise), I bet you’d have a better shot at Boston than 5 attempts at 26.2. The best marathoners only run 1, maybe 2 marathons a year max. Just food for thought. Good luck!!

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  4. Another race to keep as a back up plan just in case is the Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon. This is where I qualified last year and it was quite down hill, well shaded and partially on trails which was very forgiving on the legs.
    Charleston should give you a good shot though, nice and flat!!
    Good luck (and happy holidays)!

  5. Hope you can still make Quintiles… let me know and can see if someone is running that pace from my group. And I found out about the BQ age-on-race-day thing AFTER my race was done and I thought I missed BQ by 3 minutes. Lo and behold I made it by 2!!! Pretty cool and tearful moment. Best of luck to you – YOU’LL DO IT!!!!!

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