Running in the snow


How about that Nor’easter that blew through the NE overnight.  In fact, over 100 million people have been affected by the storm.  States of emergency, roads closed, windy and blustery, bitter cold.  Wind chills below zero, much below zero.  What is a runner to do?

I used to live in NY, so I am well aware of this type of weather.  Luckily, as I sit on my couch down here in the south, the sun is out, and no snow fell overnight.  It is currently 32 degrees, so right at the freezing mark.  I was going to go for a short run this morning, but opted for an extra cup of coffee, and watching coverage of the storm on CNN.  Sitting here with my little one’s, who hate the cold.


I guess when I think about it, I would rather run in chilly conditions versus hot conditions, but when the temperatures drop to freezing or below, I find it a little difficult to bundle up and head out the door.  What are all of those runners going to do up north today?  I bet many of them can’t get there cars out onto the closed roads, and schools and offices are closed.  Runners will want to run.  So, be careful, bundle up, and run.  I hope at least the sidewalks have been plowed so that you can get out there and get your exercise.


If you must, run.  Be careful of ice!  Most of all, be careful of frostbite.  Dress in layers, and keep those extremities layered.  Gloves, double up those socks, keep your face covered.  It only takes 10 minutes out there in the negative temps with windchill to get frostbite.

As for me, I just don’t miss the snow.  I grew up with it, and had more than my fair share.  It does get cold here in NC in the winter.  It can be below freezing, and occasionally snows.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that the weather cooperates in two weeks, as I head to the coast of South Carolina for the Charleston Marathon.  I’ve run races in less than ideal conditions.  Last years Asheville Marathon was run on the coldest day of the year in that area.  It was 8 degrees with wind hills at times, and made the running conditions very difficult.  I’m hopeful for a sunny, windless 50 degrees on race day.

As for today, run or no run, if you live in the Northeast, at least take in the beautiful scenery.


6 thoughts on “Running in the snow

  1. I used to live in NC as well. You’re certainly right that it gets cold there and snows from time to time. I remember being buried under several feet of it on several occasions. So what did I do? I moved further south!

    Still, it’s cold here (relatively speaking of course) today. But a run in 25 degree sunshine with virtually no wind is actually kinda fun. I just hope I’m able to get out of the office in time today. LOL

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