3 days left!


It’s marathon week.  With only three days to go, I am about to head out on my last pre-race run.  To shake out the legs, and envision that starting line.  How do you spend the last few days before a big race like a marathon?

I still have to work today and tomorrow, but have taken Friday off for the travel, and of course Saturday off for the actual race.  My friend Paula and I will be heading down to Charleston, South Carolina on Friday.  We have chosen a hotel only a few miles from where both the Expo and race start are.

Upon arrival in Charleston, about a four hour drive from home, we will hit the race Expo.  This is the fourth year of this marathon, half and 5k.  Hitting a race expo is always the moment of “holy crap, this is getting real”.  Walking in and picking up that race bib is an exciting moment.  Seeing your name and number on the bib is just the start.  Being amongst the other runners for the first time is exciting.  Everyone is relaxed, but tense at the same time.  You’ll see everyone.  Young and old, first timers and veterans alike.  The best thing about it the expo is that we are all equals.  We are all there on the cusp of running.

All kinds do runners, all shapes and sizes, will line up on Saturday to accomplish a goal.  We all deserve to be there, and to have that shot at achieving our goals.  From winner to sweeper, we all run for unique reasons.  To win, to finish, to lose weight, to honor a fallen hero, we all run for a reason.  That starting line on Saturday will be the same, yet different from every other starting line.  I love the starting line.  The excitement, the anticipation always builds as the clock counts down.

Whatever happens on Saturday during my race, I plan on enjoying the run.  Running to me is a way to test myself.  A marathon is a huge test of endurance and heart.  I love the feeling.  Whether I hit my goal or not, I always start a race with pure enjoyment in the forefront of my mind.  Charleston is a new race for me, and a place I have only been a few times in my life.  My eyes will be peeled as my feet move along the course.  I want to soak up the sights and sounds, and enjoy every moment with my fellow runners.  Let’s get out there and give Charleston our best.

Time to lace up one last time before marathon #9.  An easy 2-3 miles to day with thoughts of race day.  Only three days to go.


12 thoughts on “3 days left!

  1. I hope you enjoy the marathon :). I live in Charleston and will be pacing the half and working at the expo. It’s a great race with a nice after party. It’s also Charleston Restaurant Week so lots of places have specials, check em out while you’re in town!

    • Awesome! I read your most recent post about pacing. Good for you. I paced a Half last Fall and loved “giving back”. Eating at Al Di La on Friday evening. Looking forward to experiencing your city.

      • You’ll love Al Di La, it is delicious :). My husband and I have wanted to eat there for awhile and haven’t made it out yet. It’s restaurant week so take advantage of the 2 for $20 there, not a bad deal at all.

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