Charleston Marathon- It’s GO time!


Well, I guess all that’s left to say is that It’s Go Time!

The preparations are almost complete.  The training is over, and the running shoes are packed.  In two hours I will be jumping in the car to head down to Charleston.  A four hour drive south, getting us to Charleston late this afternoon.

Current weather forecast calls for a very chilly start tomorrow, about 34 degrees.  I’m hoping for Sunny skies for my 9th marathon.  I am returning to South Carolina for a marathon for the first time since the first marathon I ran a few years ago in Myrtle Beach.  Beach marathons are typically flat, and that is just what I am looking forward to.  I have trained on hills, and worked on speed.  I hope I’m ready to set a new PR.

First off though today will be a visit to the race expo.  My Bib # 676.  I am not sure how many runners are running the Full, but the race is not sold out, and is accepting registrations today at the expo.  Come join me!

I’ve got reservations at a highly recommended Italian restaurant tonight.  Al Di La, casual Italian.  It’s also Restaurant Week in Charleston, so they will have a special menu tonight.  Pasta and chicken will be on plate tonight. Then early to bed, because I didn’t sleep really well last night, and I want to make sure that I am rested for tomorrow.

As usual, the day before a race, I reflect back on my training and preparations.  I’ve done the best I could do considering.  I’m going to give the race my best, and just enjoy myself.  Adding pressure on myself by shooting for Boston has certainly been on my mind, but in the end, as the finish line approaches, BQ or not, I want to just enjoy it.

Marathon running is not for everyone, but I for one, love the challenge.

Charleston, Bring It On!  I’m heading your way!

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