Charleston Bling


Race time 8:00am

Temp: 38

Wind speed: 18 mph

Felt like 26-28 degrees, or colder.

Course support: excellent

BQ?  No

Finish time: 3:47:58

Considering the weather conditions, I did the best I could today.  Sore tonight, but back home and relaxed, eating some well earned pizza.

Just wanted to share my results.  Full recap coming soon….

16 thoughts on “Charleston Bling

  1. That is a respectiable marathon time. Sorry you missed out on the BQ. Enjoy your victory and eat your weight in food! haha! Great job!

  2. Well done as always:) It’ll be a while before I do a full marathon but I have my mind set on a 13 miler in 9 wks time:) Its becoming a routine that I love getting up for:)

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