10 Time Marathoner


This is what I will be able to call myself in just a few short weeks.  A ten time marathoner.  Wow!

Every day I give my thanks for my health, and ability.  Dedication, the desire to accomplish a goal.  I don’t know that this was really ever a goal of mine until half way through last year.  As I crested Roanoke Mountain last year in April at the Blue Ridge Marathon, I began to think that I could accomplish anything.  The finish line of that race was the completion of my fifth marathon.  I thought that if I could complete “America’s Toughest Road Marathon”, that my limits were endless.

From that race, I moved on to another, and another and another.  I finished 2013 with three more marathons under my belt, putting my total at 8.  Having just completed the Charleston Marathon last weekend, number 10 is now within reach.  It’s close.  Just a few weeks away.

I am heading back down to South Carolina with my family in a few weeks to grab #10 on the island of Hilton Head.


There are no guarantees, of course, but my attempt at the successful completion of 10 marathons will take place on February 8, 2014.

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