Hilton Head Island Marathon


Only two weeks remain until the inaugural Hilton Head Marathon.  I am very excited to be running this event for the first time.  In years passed this event was a Half Marathon, 10k and 5k.  With the rise in popularity of the marathon distance, this will be the first year for the 26.2.  Of course it can always be iffy to run a first time event, but because they have the other distances down pat, I feel that adding the marathon will be pretty turnkey.

This event is put on by Bearfoot Sports out of Bluffton, SC.  I have run two other events that they have put on, and have been extremely pleased with the organization from beginning to end.  They produce high quality events, and I am sure this one will be no different.  The last race I ran with them was the Firecracker 5000, this past July 4th.  It’s one of the top 10 races of the year in the state of South Carolina in attendance.  The other event I ran with them was back in 2011.  It was the Hilton Head Island Bridge Run.  I ran the 10k, but they also have a 5k option.  That 10k, even though it traverses one of the islands bridges twice, is to this day, my PR at that distance.

Hilton Head is just under a five hour drive from home.  My mother lives there, so even though it’s a destination run for me, the expense really only comes from the time in the car getting there and back.  Accommodations are free, and so is the pre-race dinner.  I’ve already talked to Mom, and ordered up some chicken and pasta for dinner the night before the race.  it should be a really nice mid-winter getaway for a long weekend.  We will be heading down Thursday evening, and staying through Sunday afternoon.  The race is on Saturday morning.

It really will be a family affair.  Mom is not running this time, but between all of us running, we will have all race distances covered.  Three in the family will be running the 5k, my oldest son will be running the Half (his first one), and I will be running the Full.  I guess we better count on some good post race food, as some of us will be there waiting at the finish for quite some time.  Mom only lives less than ten minutes from the start however, so quick trips back to the house are possible.

I’m hoping for a bit of a warm up, too.  This winter has been incredibly cold.  I certainly don’t want a repeat of the conditions from last weeks marathon in Charleston.  I would love a sunny 50 degree day.

With only two weeks to go, I plan on just a few short distance runs between now and race day.  A mix of recovery runs is in order, as I am still not 100% from last weeks race.  I’m taking it easy, trying to restore my legs the best I can.

Bridges, beautiful homes, Blue herons, Spanish moss and live oak trees.  These will be along my run, and I plan to soak it all in.


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