Hilton Head Island Running


In just a few short days we will be hitting the road for a fantastic trip to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  There are a few very good reasons for this trip.  My parents retired there back in 1996.  My family has been vacationing there however, since I was in Junior High school in the early 80’s.  First my family had a time share there, which later turned into owning a condo, and then eventually the folks bought a home there to retire and live full time.  I have a lot of history there.

We vacationed there twice a year back in the early days.  Usually for Easter week, and then again right before the school year started every year around Labor Day.  I was a big tennis player when I was young, golfer, too.  Back when I was in high school I met Steffi Graf, one of the best female tennis players ever.  I played on a tennis court right next to her while she was practicing for Wimbledon.  I also met Martina Navratilova and her partner Judy in the elevator at our condo complex as she trained for Wimbledon one year while I was in college.  You see, after high school, I took the opportunity to live in Hilton Head twice.  I worked there the Summer after my freshman year in college, and then again during a co-op work experience after my second year in college.  I met a lot of other college students from around the country during that work experience, but have since lost touch with all of them.  We had a lot of fun while not working.  We partied, played tennis, and golf, hung out on the beach, etc..


I spent the millennium New Year’s Eve there at a yacht club with my family, back when my kids were very small.  Back then, trips so see my folks were all about spending time at the pool and beach with the kids.  We always have great food, as my mom is a great cook.  It’s always been a relaxing getaway.  My stepdad passed away a few years ago, so now, my mom is getting ready to sell the house.  This will be our last trip there before the house is sold.  It’s very sad to me, and kind of the end of an era.  Mom plans to continue to live there, but it just won’t be the same.


So the trip is about family, and enjoying most of all.  I need a few days off from work to rejuvenate my spirit.  Running will help that!  So, on Saturday, running the inaugural Hilton Head Marathon is just what I need to celebrate and enjoy the island.  My whole family is running.  My oldest son is running his first Half marathon there.  Lance, Tanner, and Colton are running the 5k.  A family affair.  Mom will be waiting at the finish during the numerous finish times, ranging from 20 plus minutes, to under four hours.  We better pack her a lunch.


Hilton Head is a beautiful island.  A great vacation spot.  It’s really a big part of my families history.  I have a ton a great, great memories from my time in Hilton Head.  I’ve run a few races there over the past few years, but this will be my first marathon there.  I am really looking forward to it.  Fingers crossed for weather that cooperates, and making more great memories with my family.

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