Expo Day – Hilton Head Marathon


Well, race weekend has arrived.  Three weeks ago today, I was headed to Charleston, SC for my 9th marathon, and once again I am back here in South Carolina for marathon #10.  Hilton Head Island to be exact.

The race expo is today from 4-8pm.  I am planning a short two mile shake out run early this afternoon, and just some relaxation the rest of the day.  We drove down last night, through the dark and rain.  Not a fun drive, but we made it just fine.  Mom had made up some homemade pizza for our arrival, which we quickly gobbled down.  It was a peaceful evening once we got here.  The drive takes just under five hours.

Chicken and pasta tonight for our pre-race dinner is in order.  It’s so nice to have a destination race where family lives.  The comforts of home.  No hotel room, no early check out before heading to the race, etc.  I even brought my own pillow, which is very important for a good nights rest.

Tomorrow is the big race.  Forecast is still pretty dismal.  Right now it is sunny and almost 50 degrees.  Why can’t we have this weather for the race?  Well, I just need to come to terms with the fact that this will be a rainy race, and I have to enjoy it regardless.

Here’s to marathon #10, and making memories!

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