North Carolina Snowstorm -Take II


I think I am going to lose my mind!!!  Seriously, I can’t take this winter anymore.  I need to be on the first flight out of here to somewhere remote in the Caribbean, not to return until Spring.

Round two of the winter weather in two weeks has begun.  It began with a quick burst of snow earlier today, and has already taken hold of this area.  Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, etc..lots of snow, and then ice.  A 48 hour event, with a lot of folks to lose power.  This is the latest photo from CNN.


The huge problem with this storm is the ice and freezing rain that will follow this snow overnight tonight.  For the local area, they are calling for another two inches of snow on top of the ice that forms tonight.  I am hunkered in, warm.  For now.  Fingers crossed that my power doesn’t go out tonight.  How will I ever be able to get the 20 miles to work tomorrow?  I doubt I will even be able to get out of my neighborhood, much less the entire commute on ice.

Shoot me now.  Anyone else out there having to deal with extreme weather conditions today?


4 thoughts on “North Carolina Snowstorm -Take II

  1. I’m with you for sure. Kids out of school for SIX ice days now in the last few weeks, and I hear one every five years is the norm. I’m watching branches fall and the ice not melt as I thought it was supposed to. This stinks but we could be up north in the sub-0 temps!

  2. I hear you! Although I’m on the other side of the big pond, the weather here has been terrible too and the storms and flooding are causing major problems. I’ve kept my head up all winter, but this past week I’ve crumbled too and really can’t wait for spring now! On the bright side, I’m going to run the Rome Marathon in 6 weeks time, so no matter what happens, I’ll get a little sunshine then – that’s going a long way towards keeping me sane (or sorts), so perhaps you should book that ticket to the Caribbean?

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