We ALL start at ZERO


We all start somewhere.  That somewhere is at mile zero.

Over the past 24 hours I’ve read a bunch of posts about running.  Big surprise.  What really struck me though about these posts is the elation of runners who are just starting out.  Runners completing his/her first 5k race, to runners completing a marathon for the first time.  True inspiration, truly happy stories from folks who have completed a mission.  The mission is different for all of us, but equally important.

These stories always remind me of where it all began for me.  When a need for improving my fitness became a passion.  Running didn’t become a passion for me overnight, but slowly over time.  I decided to pull out my running log, and peruse the pages.  I found some very interesting things, and they serve as a reminder for all new runners.  Keep at it, progress will come, fun will ensue.

Note to new runners- track your progress.  Buy a notebook, diary, etc.  make it a habit to record your runs, you will appreciate it later on.

Pulling out my running log, I found a few things very interesting.  The commitment began in late Summer, 2010.  I ran pretty frequently.  An excerpt from October 2010, a few things…  I ran almost daily.  Distances from two to three miles.  Over the first few months my main focus was building up endurance.  Wow, I didn’t start running distances longer than 5k until I had run almost 50 5k training runs.

Track mileage, track finish times.  Use a Garmin, or Runkeeper App., something to track your progress.  Back in my log, I tracked time only.  But I tracked my monthly totals, when I replaced shoes, etc.

In early 2011, I started running a few longer runs.  I ran a four miler, and then mixed in a few 8k’s by the end of that month.  I took it slow. Gaining confidence along the way.  All was going well.  I ran a few 10K’s the following month.  I mixed in 3,4,5 milers.  I hiked a volcano while on vacation.  I was active, and staying committed.  By the end of March, I had run 225 miles for the year.  I decided to run a 5k race.  Nine months after starting my running commitment.

I guess the points I am trying to get across are this….

-Start slow

-Build a base

-Enjoy yourself


I see all types of runners at races.  I see all types of fitness levels, and can appreciate everyone’s own journey.  The important thing is that you are out there.  Progress is different for everyone.  Looking back in my log book proves it to me that no matter where I am in my running journey, that it began slow and small.  That guy that just passed me started slow, too.  The guy that just won the marathon laced up for the first time one day, too.  That guy that looks like he has no business being out there on that marathon course, has just as much right to be there as I do.

We are all different, BUT we are ALL runners.

I can look back and appreciate my beginnings in this sport.  Appreciate your journey.  Revel in your accomplishments, no matter how big or small.


Happy running!  Appreciate your roots in the pavement!

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