Olympic Games – Good for the soul


I always love watching the Olympics.  The winter games in Sochi didn’t disappoint, either.  So many great events, and even bigger moments for the athletes involved.  The United States had a very successful Olympics, looking like a second place finish in the medal standings with one day of events remaining.

The Olympics for me….  means getting very little sleep.  I tend to want to watch as much of the coverage as possible.  This usually means that I get a bit sleep deprived during the two weeks of an Olympics.  I surely am tired, but feeling very inspired.

To reach the peak of sport is just amazing, and to bring home the Gold Medal would be just amazing.  A lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears went into each of those great performances.

What we can all take away from the Games, as spectators, is the beauty of sport.  The commitment and hours spent honing ones abilities.  To reach the pinnacle, to go for gold.

I have a marathon in three weeks.  I plan on making use of my Olympic memories, and channeling that desire to excel, and go for the finish line on race day.

Do the Olympic Games inspire you the way they do me?


5 thoughts on “Olympic Games – Good for the soul

  1. I’m not a professional athlete but I always aspire to be one the amount of dedication and motivation needed must be of enormous proportion. Us runners are all Olympians in our own way,:) we just don’t do it to the extreme 🙂

  2. I also love the Olympic games and watch them with a passion – it’s fantatic to learn more about all the different sports. The athletes are amazing and so dedicated, it’s definitely hugely motivating. I felt quite bad for the athletes this time though, because of all the controversy surrounding the games. To me, the Olympics is about celebrating diversity, about coming together peacefully, against the backdrop of amazing athletic prowress!

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