Race planning – Fall marathons


I think it’s about time.  We are not even out of winter yet, but if I want to pay cheaper race entry fees, I need to start my planning now. I am not one to sign up last minute for a race, even locally.  So, if air travel is mixed into the equation, early planning is even more critical.

In the beginning stages of planning, I have mapped out a few possibilities.  If you have heard of, or run in any of these events and can offer any advice, please do so.

Quad Cities would require airfare.  Possible, yet expensive.  Is it worth it?  I have friends going, so I would know some folks.  I have to think on this one…

Then there are a few others in the Illinois area.


I don’t see a lot of info on the FrogHops Marathon, please advise if you find any good info on this race.  Love the name!  A Kermit the Frog medal would be awesome!  Fox Valley looks to be an expensive one, already this far in advance.  Registration now is $110 for the Full.  Again, is it worth the trip?  Would it be an epic experience?

Then there is an option for later in the year, at the end of Fall.  Space Coast….


Great reviews, great swag.  I don’t know…  All of these races would mean a new race to me.  Haven’t run any of them before.  New states, as well.

So far I’ve run Marathons in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Nevada.  Any of these would check another state off the list, if I want to run a full in every state.  This may be too big a goal for right now, with kids still in school.  Maybe I can reach 50 states by the age of 50.  That gives me just over six more years to complete.

The important thing for me is running great events.  I don’t want to spend the money if the course, support or scenery is not top notch.  Please lend your advice if you know of any great destination races in the Fall.  I already have a Full and two Halves lined up for October, so I am looking for something in September, possibly November and December.  Please share your thoughts.

Happy planning!

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