Wide awake in Vegas


After a morning of packing, we headed to the airport just before noon today.  East coast flight of 1:40 minutes from the relative warmth of NC, to the frozen and snowy tundra of Ohio for a layover.  Two hours later, boarding the plane for another four hour flight to Las Vegas.  We arrived at 10:20pm east coast time.  Long day.

After getting our bags and grabbing the rental car, we headed to Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  Staying for five nights in a beautiful suite, we freshened up and hit the casino floor for a few minutes before heading to get a bite to eat.  Just what I needed after a long day of travel.  Then back to the casino, where I won $100.  Now that it’s 4:18am, east coast time, 1:19 here, I am wide awake.  I guess just overtired.  I would do anything to be able to catch some good winks about now, but I just can’t.  I could get dressed and head down to the casino again, but then my body clock would really be messed up tomorrow.

I wish I had some Ambien!

Goodnight, hopefully, from Las Vegas……

2 thoughts on “Wide awake in Vegas

    • I finally did fall asleep around 2am, which was really 5am on my internal east coast clock. Feeling better and somewhat rested. Never got a call from the heart doctor, so that is good news for now. Nice to know that the weather will be great when I hit Wilmington. I’m in shorts and short sleeve shirt and flip flops out here today. Enjoy the day!

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