Vegas High Roller


Due to open soon, the new High Roller, in The Quad development of Caesar’s Entertainment.  It’s impressive.  The light show at night with 2,000 LED’s is quite something to see.  This will be the world’s tallest Ferris Wheel.  Here is a view of it from my room….


See?  Pretty big, huh?  Can’t wait to ride it on my next trip out here.  Maybe sometime in the late Summer, or Fall.  I snapped another photo from the side as we headed out to dinner and gambling tonight.



Yeah, I think it’s kind of cool.

The day overall was a bust as far as gambling is concerned.  Had a good time though.  Went to a swanky resort on the south side of Vegas tonight.  M Resort is a great place.  Never stayed there, but have eaten there and spent some time in the casino.  It’s a nice change to get off the strip for a bit.  Quieter for sure, but still loads of fun.  That is, if you’re winning, which I wasn’t tonight.


Hoping for some better luck tomorrow.  Marathon at the beach just six days away.  Gotta pick wiser at the buffets, and try to get a run in tomorrow.


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