It’s go time at Wrightsville Beach


Drove down yesterday afternoon.  About a two hour trip from home, easy highway miles.  Just like that, the Wrightsville Beach Marathon, my 11th 26.2 race, is here.

The expo was really well organized.  Hit that just as I drove into town yesterday.  Got to meet Frank Shorter again, and catch the last informational runner meeting at 3pm.  Nice amount of vendors and giveaways.  I was impressed!

A quick trip over to my hotel, and of course, a trip down to the beach….


I don’t know why, but I have never been to this beach before.  It is really beautiful.  The water even looks blue, as I watched the waves ebb and flow.  I’ve been to NC beaches a bunch, but never this one.  Glad this marathon brought me here to experience it.  I will return, when I have more time to hang out on the sand and in the water.

Ate a nice meal last night, and tried to get to bed early.  The time change from the west coast, the red eye flights home on Friday morning, blame it on whatever you’d like, I found it difficult to fall asleep last night.  That brings me to this moment.  Drinking my coffee on a 51 degree, clear morning, full moon still high in the sky.  It’s going on 4am, and I have to be ready to leave the hotel in an hour.

I feel pretty good.  Was really hoping to run for a BQ today, but for over a month now my hamstrings have been really giving me a lot of trouble.  I took over a week off (vacation) from running to see if the down time would help.  On Friday I ran a 2.5 miler, and the pain was right back with me.  So, who knows.  If I can push through it, and stay relaxed and run well, this may be the day.  Then again it might not be.  I’m just thrilled to be able to run.  With all of my potential health problems over the past few weeks, I should be just saying my thanks, and breathing a sigh of relief that I can even get out on that course today and run.  I am very grateful, and plan on enjoying the day.

I may not get a medal today, but I will be leaving with this awesome looking race shirt.


14 thoughts on “It’s go time at Wrightsville Beach

    • Rock n Roll Raleigh Full on my birthday next month, then the Tarheel Ten Miler, then All American Marathon in Fayetteville in May. Ironman Relay (running portion) in June. How about you?

  1. A training partner of mine is doing the Rock and Roll as well. Heading into tri season with White Lake Sprint, and then New Bern, & WB Sprint. Put in for NYC Marathon (would be my first marathon) but when I don’t get in there I’ll relay Beach2Battleship half run portion (have done the half in its entirety twice), and then probably Richmond, Kiawah, and Myrtle in January. Oh, and looking at the Durham Doughman if I can get into that as well- that would be awesome.

    Glad to hear you liked the course. That double loop looked mentally tiring to me!

    • Well, that sounds like a busy schedule. Enjoy. The double loop was ok. The people in Landmark made it more than tolerable, for sure. I just enjoyed spending time in the area. Do you live there?

    • Cool. Do you like living there? I’ve lived in NC for 15 years now, and have never been to Wrightsville Beach until this weekend. I have always gone to Carolina Beach, but really liked the a Wrightsville area.

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