Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh Marathon gets closer


Looking forward to earning this bling on my Birthday!

With only 23 days to go, the inaugural Rock n Roll race here in my hometown is almost upon us.  Fanfare is starting to increase, and I am hearing more and more chatter about the race.  Folks are getting pretty darn excited!  I am, too.  It’s officially Spring now, the trees are starting to bud out, grass is starting to get greener and a marathon looms in the not so distant future.  Pretty exciting things in the air.

Spring is always a great time of year here to get outside and run.  Because of my marathon schedule this year, Raleigh will be my 4th of 2014, I haven’t been running nearly as many training runs over the past few months as in past years.  I have to carefully plan on my next three weeks to make sure I arrive at the starting line in good shape.  I really want to watch my diet, as well.

My last three marathons were essentially flat courses, and this one is not.  I typically do really well on hills, as most of my training runs are all hilly.  Funny enough, I chose to run my last three marathons on flat courses because I thought it would help me get closer to a BQ, but I fell short of that goal at all three.  In fact, my PR is here in Raleigh, on the hilly City of Oaks course.  Maybe the hills are just what I need. Maybe the fact that this marathon is on my 44th Birthday will also be a great encouragement to my race day pace.  I just went back and scoured my pacing at the City of Oaks race last November to see how I approached that race from a pacing standpoint.  I learned a few things that I think will help in my approach to this race.  Certain aspects of the course are similar, so my approach will be similar.  I think the challenge of hills, staying strong on the uphill, and using the downhills to my advantage, may be the key.

In any event, I have a few weeks left to prepare.  It will be a celebration regardless, as it is my sons birthday as well that day.  I hope to see some familiar faces out there on the course in Raleigh, and look forward to exploring the city that I love, by foot, yet again.


Let’s ready to ROCK!  It’s going to be here before we know it!  Marathon #12, here I come!

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