Boston 2014 – A note to runners


In just a few weeks, amazing runners from all over the globe will descend on Boston, Massachusetts.  We all remember the mystery and terror that was Boylston Street in 2013.  That awful news.  I spent the morning checking updates on my phone, knowing several people that were at the Boston marathon last year.  I was trying to follow their progress, then suddenly the news.  Bombings, not one, but two.

Coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings dominated the news channels, and social media for weeks, even months.  What I feared most about this horrible act of violence was becoming true.  People started associating the Boston Marathon with negativity.  Sort of like visiting Ground Zero within the first few years after 9/11.  How could people avoid having bad memories, when the terror was scorched into our brains with all of the photos and news coverage for weeks?

It’s true, over time news of the events of that day last year have faded, but Boston will never be the same.  But can it get better?  How much has Boston healed in a year?  As runners gear up to descend on Boston again in a few weeks, will the memories of last year remain, and linger in our hearts and minds?

I’m hoping that the media focuses on the Marathon, and that it goes off without a hitch, as it should.  The scars will always be there, but Boston has to prove that it is stronger.  A mantra that became a worldwide slogan.  Boston Strong.  Boston must be strong, the runners must again make their marks, and prove to the world that it is the creme de la creme of our sport.

Make the race epic this year.  Reflect on those lost and injured, and try to move forward.  Move those feet, and do the world proud.  Those of us still striving to qualify for Boston envy you.  We wish you the best, enjoy the fruit of your efforts.  Turn Boston back into a place of positivity and light in our sport.  The image of Boston is yours to uplift and repair.  Do us proud!


6 thoughts on “Boston 2014 – A note to runners

  1. This literally gave me goosebumps. This is going to be my first Boston and I know it is going to be emotional (it probably would have been for me even if the events of last year hadn’t occured). Thank you for this post, I will remember how special and honored I am on that day!

    • Just know that the world will be watching. No pressure, right? We will all be cheering you on! Have a fantastic first Boston. I hope to be able to say the same thing when I am there next year.

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