Marathon Countdown – 2 weeks to go


Fan or not of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series by Competitor Group, the inaugural event in Raleigh, NC is just two short weeks away.  Sold out with 12,000 runners, the event is sure to bring some big money into the city of Raleigh and surrounding Triangle area.  Hotel bookings, restaurants anxiously awaiting the arrival of participants.  What could be so wrong with that?  Many folks have scoffed at the idea of the marathon series coming to town.  I say, let’s just wait and see.  Let local businesses decide if runners come to town with money and boost the local economy.  I’m sure the economic impact will be reviewed and scrutinized ad nausium.

For me, I am glad that the event will soon be here.  Yeah, Rock ‘n’ Roll events are typically more expensive than the average half or full marathon, but you gotta try it, right?  At least once.  I’m excited.  Should be a great day.  I love running in Raleigh, and I am hoping for cooperative weather on race day.

So, two weeks until we take to the line downtown.  Let’s see just how well this inaugural event is run.  There will be a lot of critical eyes watching this event, so I hope it turns out to be epic.   I know my 26.2 mile journey on my birthday will be epic for me, but I also hope it’s epic for the local economy.

14 thoughts on “Marathon Countdown – 2 weeks to go

    • Absolutely! When the Rock n roll event came to Raleigh for a three year stint, back in the planning stages the date was discussed. The city council decided to let RnR have that second weekend in April, but because of it, a very popular Local Half Marathon put on by one of my good friends, was displaced. Her race was in the city, the same weekend the last few years. Now she had to move her event to October because the city would not allow any other races during April. It caused quite a quandry and stirred up emotions here locally. Some folks completely boycotted this event because of it. I decided to give it one shot, because it lands on my birthday. The two other RnR events I’ve done, I’ve loved, so I hope this will be a good one, too.

      • The best of luck! I’ve been to Lancaster once, years ago, for a funeral. Yes, it seems like a very small village atmosphere. I’m sure you will enjoy it. Will this be your first marathon?

      • This is my 4th full- I’ve ran shamrock and marine corp, then Richmond last fall. Richmond was the first marathon I really felt prepared for and happy crossing the finish line – which officially got me hooked! 🙂 I’m actually doing 2 marathons 6 weeks apart (probably stupid I know :-p) what about you?

      • I was planning on doing the same! More cross training over the summer, then get ready for a fall race or two. Good luck with all your training, all though it sounds like you’ve become an old pro at this marathon stuff and I’m sure luck has nothing to do with it! 😉

      • Oh, I think luck has to be in the mix to get the right results. Being prepared is one thing, but the body cooperating when you need it to, and throw in the right weather, luck has to be factored in. 😉

  1. Good luck! Run for the fun of it!

    The After-marathon survey that usually get sent out? Yeah, for the Shamrock Marathon it was all questions about how much money was spent, what restaurants and venues and hotels was the money spent on, and how much money was brought to the area for spending. They didn’t really care if you liked the race, it seems (Which I did, so I’m not moaning about that) it just seemed that they were completely focused on the money flow in is all.

    No doubt your marathon will bring in a bunch of monies too.

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