Boston Strong


April 21st will soon be here.  That means another running of a race that is so special in the hearts of runners all over the world.  I am still on my journey to qualify for this prestigious race, and will not be there this year.  Hopefully 2015 will be my year.  As all of those runners that did qualify are wrapping up their training cycles, and thinking about that upcoming taper, my thoughts are with you!

Not only runners will be watching and listening to the Boston Marathon this year, but the whole world will be dialed in.  I’m sure that the media will be there in force to cover the event.  With all of the awful events that impacted the race last year, the world will be watching.

I couldn’t help but think what others must be thinking, and wanted to talk about it.  Fresh from the shooting at Ft. Hood in Texas, the second in five years, and to the numerous and attention drawing acts of senseless violence around our country, it’s hard not to think about how safe the Boston Marathon will be this year.  Let’s face it, a marathon course is 26.2 miles long.  That’s a lot of miles to secure, and keep runners safe.  Should there be any fears at all?

I’m sure that everyone running Boston in a few weeks has considered the potential for copycats, the fear of the unknown.  It’s human, it’s almost undeniable to not consider ones own safety at the event this year.  Just remember, you are not alone.  That person next to you on the course, or in the corral has at least thought about it once.  Nerves will be high on race day, and for that, I offer a bit of advice.

-Deep breaths, yoga, relaxation leading up to the race.

-Treat yourself right and stay positive.

-Trust in your training, and trust in our community.

-Rely on your support team for love, safety and positivity.

-Remember that our community is strong, and that Boston will be stronger this year.



7 thoughts on “Boston Strong

  1. Honestly, I’m not worried about me as a runner but my family as spectators. That’s just based on what happened last year, but I can’t help but think about it since my entire family will be there, including my two young boys. I don’t think anything will happen and they’ve done their best to prevent it, but with things like marathons, there’s an inherent risk, no matter what way you look at it. I’m willing to take that risk on by running marathons in general, especially this one, even knowing how many people (not all good people either) will be watching. We all just have to be aware. My favorite quote sums it all up: “If you’re trying to defeat the human spirit, marathoners are the wrong group to target” ~ Mighty Brighties on FB

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