Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh Expo


Expo Day always means one thing.  The race is almost here!

Drove into the city earlier today to attend the marathon expo.  Full of vendors, and packed with runners from all over.  Just the way you would expect from a Rock ‘n’ Roll event.  The city was crawling with race bags, and bibs, and folks enjoying the beautiful weather.  Yes, about 78 degrees, and mostly sunny.

Visited with a bunch of great folks working at the expo today.  The Generation UCAN folks were awesome.  I have a few samples to try during my recovery from the race tomorrow.  Brooks had some great gear, official race merchandise.  I had to buy myself a shirt, an early Birthday present to myself.


Oops, wrong photo….. But look what Rock n Roll did for me!  They incorporated my age tomorrow (44 years old) into my bib number.  Well, I am not sure if that was intentional or not, but it sure is cool.

Here are photos of the official race shirt, and the shirt I bought as a keepsake.




I really enjoyed my time at the expo, just walking around and enjoying the crowd and vendors.  The Charleston Marathon was there, as well as the Bull City Race Fest, and City of Oaks Marathon.  All races I have raced in the past and enjoyed.  Rock n Roll was offering a discount for next year’s Raleigh event, but I chose to wait.  Gotta see how tomorrow goes first.  The Ambassadors of Rock were very helpful.  Shalama was very cool.  Super great to meet her.  She sent me a race promo shirt a few months back, so I had to meet her and say thanks in person.  We chatted for quite some time.  I hope she has a great Half tomorrow.

Raleigh’s Red Hat Amphitheater is ready for the post race concert, too.  New Politics will be headlining.  Looking forward to meeting up with my family and hitting the food trucks and post race concert.


So far so good Raleigh!  Looking forward to getting out there on the course tomorrow morning.  The rest of the day I am concentrating on relaxing.  Oh, and I have to get a birthday cake in the oven for my son.  Great weekend so far.  Race report to follow after the marathon tomorrow!  Get outside and run, it’s a beautiful day.



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