Did you get in? I did! Chicago Marathon 2014


I did!  I got into the 2014 Chicago Marathon via the lottery.

How excited am I?  Super excited!

I have been jealous of those running the Chicago Marathon the last few years, as I have watched the coverage online.  Three years ago I told myself, I would get there one day.  I hadn’t even run a marathon yet, and had just run my first half Marathon a few weeks prior to that event.  Two years ago, with two marathons under my belt at the time of the Chicago Marathon, I watched the race in awe of those 40,000 plus runners.  Wanting, needing to be there one day.  Last year, with another four marathons under belt on race day, I vowed to at least try to get in through the lottery for 2014.

Don’t ask me how, I guess because I have been caught up with other races on my schedule, but I totally missed the beginning of the lottery last month.  I think the lottery opened March 7th.  I didn’t enter the lottery until the very end.  I really thought I had no chance of getting in.  Yesterday was “the reveal”.  The day that I would find out if I got in or not.  The email came at 3:45pm, and low and behold, I got in!

I already have a few races on the books for Fall marathon season, so I may need to make some adjustments now.  Next steps?  Flights, hotel, and signing up.  It has been a whirlwind of research since I found out, because I just didn’t expect it.  I have until Friday to sign up and confirm my entry.  I have a hotel on hold.  I have to now make arrangements at work to figure out when I will fly out and back.

Total excitement!

I will run the 2014 Chicago Marathon, and could not be happier about it.

Questions for you….

Have you ever run Chicago?  How was your experience?  Do you have any recommendations on logistics, or hotels?  Any and all suggestions will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

16 thoughts on “Did you get in? I did! Chicago Marathon 2014

    • Thank you. Now I just have to get all of my ducks in a row to feel good about it. The planning involved is pretty intense, especially when you are on a budget and have to look for deals.

  1. My first marathon was the Chicago Marathon last year. It was truly an amazing experience and one of the best days of my life.

    As for hotels and logistics, if you have trouble finding a hotel in the Loop close to the race site you might want to try a hotel on the north side of the city that is off the red line or brown line el trains. On marathon day there are a ton of trains running and it is really easy to get to the race using public transportation.

    Congrats on getting in to Chicago!

  2. Chicago is on my list of must-do marathons! Not sure when I’ll try, but I’ll be pretty excited about getting in whenever it may happen…. except for maybe all that summer training in the swamp! Congrats to you!!!

  3. Congrats! I entered the lottery for the St George marathon this year and am anxiously awaiting, but we don’t find out until May… I had several friends run Chicago last year. Should be a fun time!

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