Marathon #5 in 2014


In just over two weeks, my final marathon of the season will be here.  May 4th is coming up quickly.

Last year, as I started planning my 2014 races, I had no intention of doing a marathon a month for the first five months of the year.  It has happened though, and so far so good.  My only issue so far has been a nagging blister, and sore hamstrings.  Coming off this latest marathon, I have had to make an important decision.  A decision to skip a race in Virginia, so save my legs.  I am afraid that if I ran that race, my legs just wouldn’t have anything left.  Finding out about getting into Chicago in the Fall, has helped me make that decision.  I cannot go into Summer injured.

So, taking a few days off this week to recover, I went on a two mile run tonight.  My hamstrings are really sore.  I am going to focus on foam rolling, and taking it easy.  Short runs, good effort, but nothing too serious.  When race day comes in a few weeks, I will be taking it as easy as I can, and try to enjoy.

I want to be feeling good and prepared for Fall races.  I have three marathons, and two halves planned.  That may change.  I won’t be able to be at my best though, and give that BQ one last shot for 2015 if I overdo it.  Big Cottonwood is my BQ goal race.  Chicago will be my big city event, and I have a few local events planned.  First, I get to run the All American, and hopefully meet Meb at the finish line festival.  Here’s to great recovery, and looking forward.



11 thoughts on “Marathon #5 in 2014

  1. It sounds like you have issues with flexibility. Only a suggestion but getting in some deep stretches every second day or whenever you have time its worked for me.

  2. Good luck with your races Paul. Glad to see you are healthy. Definitely look me up when you do Little Cottonwood — I’ll show you the town. Chicago should be fun, but you never know what kind of weather you are going to get (coming from an ex-Chicagoan like myself). I think I am looking at St George and of course Vegas.

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