All American Marathon week


I have arrived at marathon week.  Again!

Careful planning, thoughtful short runs, and eating right.  That is my duty this week leading up to the race on Sunday.

The All American Marathon is a new event.  I signed up back in early December, never really thinking that this would be my 5th marathon in five months to start off 2014.  Maybe I’ve bitten off more than I can chew.  Those are the thoughts I’ve had about this race starting the moment I finished my last marathon on 4/13.  Does my body have anything left to give this inaugural event?  So, I need to focus on good mental preparation this week, as well.  Belief! Believe in yourself.  I can do this.  I can get to the finish line, and add this race to my running portfolio.  I think I can, I think I can…..

To all of those runners who lace up and run multiples on multiples of marathons or ultras every year, I salute you.  Luckily I have remained mostly healthy though the last five months.  Really the only issues I’ve had are with my hamstrings.  Having the Summer off to recover, and start a new training cycle for Fall will be a relief.  My body has certainly felt the effects of four marathons the season, and adding a fifth this week, honestly, I am just hoping to get through it without injury.  To enjoy every mile, and to realize that just five short years ago, I was in no shape to even think about running one marathon, much less five in five months.

I will focus on the accomplishment of my body, my legs.  A runners heart is full of hope, desire.  Mine will be full of satisfaction come Sunday at the finish line.  It’s almost time to lace up again, and take on the challenge of a marathon.  This Sunday at the All American, I lace up to push my body further than it has ever been before.  This Sunday I lace up for the love of the sport.  I will succeed, I will endure.

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