Are you racing this weekend?


24 hours from now I will be in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  My son and I will have just arrived, and be lacing up for the inaugural All American Marathon and Mike to Mike Half Marathon.  I cannot wait to hit the streets for another race!  Running with my son will be even more fun.

Packet pick up yesterday was a breeze.  No lines, no waits.  All in all, I think if I didn’t ask one question about parking, it would have taken less than three minutes.  The bibs are military themed, here is a photo of both.


Race day temperatures are supposed to be on the warm side tomorrow, so today I will be continuing the hydrating thing.  Lots of water.  I am working today, so I don’t have the luxury of staying off my feet, but I will rest easy tonight after making a carb loading dinner of pasta and chicken.

It will be an very early morning.  The drive will take at least an hour, so we have to be leaving the house at 4:30 am.  Not exactly thrilled about that, but I knew it when I signed up.  No backing out now.

Time to get my game face on.  My race readiness?  We’ll see how the legs hold up.  All I can say is that my hamstrings will enjoy the break, as this is my last marathon until the Fall.

Who else is racing this weekend?

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